Reviewer Fine Arts Portfolio Review FAQ

What is the Fine Arts Portfolio Review?
Fine Arts Portfolio Review Remote is a new exciting way to conduct individualized 20 minute student portfolio reviews with juniors, seniors and graduate students. The emphasis is on providing feedback on students’ work and presentation skills while also providing insights for reviewers on RISD emerging artists that may be suited to current or future exhibitions and/or other artist opportunities.
What is the schedule? 

For your convenience, the Fine Arts Portfolio Review Remote will be hosted over two days. You are welcome to register to attend one or both days and select the hours you’d like to participate. You'll receive your schedule of student meetings in advance including their resumes and links to their portfolios.

Schedule for Monday and Tuesday

5:45pm - 5:55pm ET

Welcome Webinar ​presented by the RISD Career Center Team.

6:00pm - 9:00pm ET

Portfolio review remote meetings begin promptly at 6:00pm ET and run in 20 minute increments with two breaks at 7:00pm and 8:00pm and the last meeting ending at 9:00pm.

Who should attend?

Gallery directors/owners, curators, residency directors, grant officers, arts program managers and other fine art professionals are welcome to attend.


We encourage organizations to have 1-3 reviewers in attendance to offer multiple points of view on the student’s portfolio and respond to their questions.


If you have RISD alumni that work with you, we hope they will attend! Alumni offer unique insights to students on how they can translate RISD studio work into a strong portfolio in application for future artist opportunities.

Are honorariums available? 

The RISD Career Center can offer up to a $300 honorarium to support reviewers' participation. We can offer a maximum of two honorariums per organization. 


Why is Zoom the recommended video conferencing platform?​

Zoom is the official video conference platform at RISD and used by all students. Reviewers are also welcome to use a different video conference platform such as Google, Microsoft, etc.


Note: A Zoom Pro account with unlimited meeting durations for $15/month is available at 


If you have questions, the Career Center is here to assist you! Contact us at:​​

How should I manage my student Interviewees?​​

Preparation and familiarity with your platform will ensure a productive meeting for both parties. The Zoom waiting room feature can prevent incoming students from disrupting your meetings in-progress. And if you have an additional staff member that can serve as receptionist, you may be interested in Zoom breakout rooms. 

Students are instructed to join their scheduled meeting no more than one minute in advance. Watch the clock to end your meetings promptly out of respect for your next student interviewee.

Testing your remote meeting with someone outside of your corporate network is strongly advised and we are glad to help! Reach out at to test drive your remote meeting. Any technical issues will disrupt your fast-paced schedule. 


IMPORTANT: The free version of Zoom has a 45-minute limit on all meetings and will not be compatible with this event.


Does RISD support remote internships?​

Yes! The following Guidelines for Remote Internships are highly recommended for effective remote internship experiences. These guidelines are based on NACE best practices and were used successfully by over 100 employers who hired RISD students for summer 2020. 


What if I have a problem during the event?​

The Career Center will be on call during the event on both evenings from 6 to 9PM EST.

See contact info below. 

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