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Reviewer Fine Arts Portfolio Review FAQ

What is the Fine Arts Portfolio Review? 
What can I expect at the event? 
Who should attend? 
What do I bring? 
Are travel honorariums available? 
What if I have openings in my schedule that I want to fill? 
What if a student wants to meet me but can't find a time in my schedule? 
What is the Fine Arts Portfolio Review?

The Fine Arts Portfolio Review is focused on individualized 20 minute student portfolio reviews with juniors, seniors and graduate students. The emphasis is on providing feedback on students’ work and presentation skills while also providing insights for reviewers on RISD emerging artists that may be suited to current or future exhibitions and/or other artist opportunities.


What can I expect at the event? 

An energized hall with over 35 reviewers represented, 100 or more students in attendance and a streamlined experience managed by the RISD Careers team and wonderful volunteers to assist you. 


You may arrive anytime after 10:00 am. Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch will be provided throughout the day. When you arrive please stop at the Reviewer check-in table. We will direct you to your space in the ballroom and provide any last minute updates and instructions.


A printed schedule of your student portfolio review appointments will be at your table. This schedule will also be sent to you in advance for your reference. We are unable to provide printed copies of student resumes, but these will also be emailed to you in advance.


IMPORTANT: Electrical power and wifi is extremely limited.


Portfolio reviews will begin promptly at 12 noon and conclude by 5:00 pm. Each review will last for 20 minutes. There is one 20-minute break at 2:20 pm.


A reception will follow beginning at 5PM with cocktails and snacks. 


Who should attend?

Gallery directors/owners, curators, residency directors, grant officers, arts program managers and other fine art professionals are welcome to attend.


We encourage organizations to have 1-3 reviewers in attendance to offer multiple points of view on the student’s portfolio and respond to their questions.


If you have RISD alumni that work with you, we hope they will attend! Alumni offer unique insights to students on how they can translate RISD studio work into a strong portfolio in application for future artist opportunities.

What do I bring? 


  • Business cards to share with students.

  • A fully charged and cached laptop, iPad or tablet to show your gallery/studio web site and/ work and projects. There are very limited electrical outlets and wifi access available at the Convention Center.

  • Collateral materials: brochures, post cards, etc. to offer to students.

  • Lightweight posters that can be hung on the pipe and drape behind your table space.

  • Tape, safety pins, or clips for hanging items behind your table.

  • Pull-up banner that can be placed behind your table. Aisles must be kept clear so any banners will need to be placed behind your table.


Learn more about Packing + Shipping.


Are travel honorariums available? 

The RISD Career Center can offer a travel honorarium to support reviewers' attendance. Honorariums are based on distance of travel to Providence. You may select to receive a travel honorarium when you register below. We can offer a maximum of two honorariums per organization.


What if I have openings in my schedule that I want to fill?

The RISD Careers team will post schedules with open review time slots so students can sign up on-the-spot with reviewers who have availability. 

Reviewers with open review time slots will be encouraged to check heir sign-up schedules that will be conveniently located outside of the ballroom where portfolio reviews will take place. 

You are also welcome to greet students in the Student Waiting Area and invite them to meet with you if you'd like. The Career Center staff will be glad to assist you with this as well. 

The RISD Careers team will assist you to solicit on-the-spot portfolio reviews with students by visiting the Student Lounge waiting area. 


What if a student wants to meet me but can't find a time in my schedule? 

Students unable to meet with you due to scheduling conflicts are encouraged to use the online "Resume Drop" service provided by RISD Careers. All resumes in your Resume Drop will be sent to you in advance of the event.